Online Resources

WEDFA forms a critical link in many debt-financed capital expansions in Washington state. But we also recognize that WEDFA financing does not meet the needs of each and every business. Your organization may qualify for grants, tax incentives, regulatory assistance or other loans. On this page you'll find several online resources that may be useful.

The Department of Commerce has launched a search tool to help small businesses find training, technical assistance, access to capital, and other services, at:

If you would like to explore more about doing business in Washington and learn what state assistance may be available, you may find the following site helpful:

Choose Washington

For more information about the process for obtaining "bond" or "volume" cap in Washington, please visit:

Department of Commerce

For projects that might qualify for tax-exempt financing but are not economic development projects within WEDFA's mission, one of the following sites might help:


Higher education

Medical facilities, non-profit

State assistance with local government borrowing