Specialty Chemical Products

WEDFA is helping Specialty Chemical Products, of Moses Lake, secure the necessary financing to turn an old sugar beet plant into a facility for processing precipitated silica and fluoride salt. By borrowing proceeds from a tax-exempt Industrial Revenue Bond issued by WEDFA, Specialty Chemical is likely to experience significant savings over the course of its financing.

The high purity silica will be sold to companies that make rubber, food, plastics, cosmetics and toothpaste. The fluoride products will be sold for use in water treatment and oil field drilling. Specialty Chemical has perfected a unique and proprietary process for producing precipitated silica from recycled raw materials. The process is less complex, more energy efficient and is kinder to the environment than traditional methods of creating precipitated silica.

The new facility will employ 50 people with 35 hourly workers and 15 salaried administrative employees.

Because of WEDFA’s assistance, Specialty Chemical was able to create new living wage jobs in Grant County.

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